My Story

Hello, my name is Jedediah D Bennett AKA The Adventure Guy!

I live in good old Orem of Utah USA. 
Been here all my life well in Utah that is…

Been a Dad for many of my years. 
When I say dad I mean dad to all. 

All my kid’s friends and their friends, all my lovely pet’s I’ve had in the years, I was and am a dad to them.

I seem to have this thing with kids and critters, I call kids little people and critters kids 😉 I love people and critters.

And have learned were all the same.

So here I am looking to networking again with my new found lifestyle online, and have a really great friend that has helped me out thank god for good friends.

I love to rock hound go camping with friends, Ride Atvs rock climb and find more rocks lol

I love to play with my pets and make sure they’re happy.

And I also love hanging out with family and friends. 

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So when I first started online in 2008 it was a madhouse everyone was working from home all the sudden!.

And I wasn’t surprised because a lot of people were out of work almost overnight!!!

I was working in construction and was making 18$ an hour in 2006

By 2007 it was down to 15$

Then by 2008, it was Down To 12$ 

2009 I was told they didn’t need me anymore… :(…

After I’d been running two crews like a charm!

So That’s when I knew I had to do something fast!!

And so as the story goes!

I went online just like millions of other folks looking for something to save me and my family!!


Stay tuned for more later!

You won’t want to miss my first days in network marking and MLMs!!!!!! WOW WOW WOW What I’ve been through ):}}

Jedediah Bennett

Update on my story above !!

So does anyone remember Efusion!?!?!!!! 2010!! 

The launch was like 9 months or longer hahaha big red flag!! ><><><><><

And I knew A ton of friends that were going it seems so cool and so awesome!!!

For one!

It did blow my mind into another way of thinking, but the wrong kind the way they taught you was a joke lol.

But the amazing thing that happened was I fell in love with the idea of Networking and helping the people.

And! from then on I had this never say die or quit mindset.

The product was off the hook but the system sucked!! the people on top did amazing and that’s it. No Support No System No Mentorship…

The only way I put people in was by direct sailing them into it. I would Sale Them And The Later In The Month I Would Have To Sale Them Again…

I got my three and a few got there’s and so on lol why do I laugh because it died right there!!
I was spending more on the product then I was making and everyone that joined was gone within a few months.

With a bad taste in their mouth that was not from the energy drink lol.

Talk about getting toasted like a pop tart!!! when the day they came out and was going to be the biggest thing to hit on Facebook!! 

It went one week and every one and everything that was ever posted from anyone was blocked!

haha yep, It said (Blocked) no link from them would work anymore…

Stay tuned for Global Resorts Network & Pre-Paid Legal 

Boy, Once Again I thought I was On To A Gold Mine!! :)) 

Don’t get toasted like a pop tart!! }:)


A little more about Jedediah 🙂

So first of all just so you know that critters kids and nature is my biggest thing, once you get to know me you see that real quick. 🙂

My favorite thing to say is IF it’s NOT FUN it’s NOT WORTH IT!! Now I Know everything is not always fun but in my life, I’ve always tried to base my plans for fun and happiness!


Most of my life I have found happiness the most is with little people and critters or just kids 🙂 they both are kids to me little people and critters.

I know now that life would be really boring and sad without these two in it. They both have made my life what it is today and how happy and fun things are when therearound.

I thank the heavens every day for my lucky chance to be here to enjoy what life has to offer if you don’t take time to notice it won’t be there for you to be a part of.

All my life I’ve had the chance to help raise a bunch of kids and critters that have come into my life.

Most have had problems with Family or Drugs and school, No mom and dad no friends and kind of just quite or sad. That’s where I come in!

And all my little critters they come and go in my life, and most have the same problems as kids 🙂

Thing is they can’t talk so life is a lot harder for them and I have been able to understand them on another level.

So my passion has become to help and love these little guys kids and critters that is ):}

And so here I am ready and willing to help others make that BIG step!

To think outside of the box!

And find their passions in life!

Start a new life for them self instead of just making someone else rich…

There are so many people in dead-end jobs and don’t know there’s another way.

They have learned to go to school got a good job get married have kids and die.

Well, that’s not cool and fair!

Everyone deserves a chance in life to have the things they always dreamed about!

If you do something every day that you love to do you will never work another day in your life.

Follow your dreams there real and are waiting for you! Find your passion and make it thrive!

Don’t wait forever its never to late to begin your new life.


Jedediah D Bennett

Stay Tuned For My Next Entry To My Story!! Thanks For Reading!! 🙂